chiropractic insurance coverageI keep everything as clear and simple as possible.

When you come in for your first visit, the paperwork I ask you to fill out is as simple and short as I can make it while still obtaining a thorough health history. There are several places where we need your signature to indicate you understand what your treatment is all about, our privacy policy, and that my professional liability policy requires arbitration rather than a lawsuit to make things right if something bad happens.

As of 2023 I will be in-network only with Kaiser

I am retiring from doing insurance work as contracts expire this year. If having your care covered by your insurance is very important to you, we might not be the right fit. I’ll be happy to take excellent care of you, but when my contract with your insurance company expires in 2023 you’ll be responsible for the cash rate at each visit. If you wish I will continue to bill your insurance for you each month and they may send an out-of-network reimbursement to you directly.

My Regence contract expired 7/1/23. I have been unable to determine with Regence exactly which ‘blue’ plans are affected by this expiration. I do not know if Anthem, Premera, Federal or State of Washington Regence plans are affected. Contracts with other insurers will expire later in the year.

Your insurance website may list me as in-network until it gets properly updated.


Here’s how I handle Medicare.

You pay for your care at the time of service at my discounted Senior rate. I then bill Medicare (and any secondary insurance) for you. In a matter of weeks, if you have met your deductible, Medicare will send money to you directly to reimburse you for your care. There will be an exam charge at your first visit. Medicare requires the exam, but does not pay for it.

If you have a PIP claim you will have no out of pocket expense.

Motor vehicle accident care is covered by the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) portion of your automobile insurance policy with no copay. If you do not have such coverage, or if your PIP coverage is exhausted, I may continue to treat you without expense to you if you have an attorney who will agree to reimburse your care through the case settlement. In the event that no settlement is reached, you will be responsible for any remaining charges.

Labor & Industries claims are handled at no expense to you.

You will need to have an open L&I claim, or open one when you first come to the office. If the claim is denied or closed, you will be responsible for unpaid charges.

Payment at the current cash rate is expected at time of service.

I offer Senior and Kids discounts.

Why I don’t post prices online.

We’re not allowed to do it. When you call the office I’ll be happy to tell you about our simple exam and treatment charges

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