About Dr. Benson

Before he became a chiropractor, Dr. Benson wore a number of other hats in Chicago, where he was born, raised and educated.  He is an Eagle Scout. He was a professional driver and sound engineer while he was getting his degree in business and economics with a second major in psychology from Illinois Institute of Technology.  After graduation, Craig worked as a writer, photographer, and counselor. He discovered his talent for healing with his hands while studying with a close associate of Ida Rolf, originator of Rolfing.

From Chicago, Dr. Benson moved to California to pursue his interest in natural healthcare.  He trained instructors in Touch for Health, a self-care system incorporating muscle balancing and acupressure techniques. He worked with John Thie DC, author of the book Touch for Health, and Leroy Perry, DC, another ‘founding father’ of the muscle testing and balancing work called Applied Kinesiology, which Dr. Benson uses extensively in his practice.

Dr. Benson graduated from Life Chiropractic College- West in 1983, and has extended his education in postgraduate courses.  He has become particularly expert at working with the skull and TMJ, and studied with John Upledger, the originator of CranioSacral Therapy.  He incorporates osteopathic and chiropractic cranial work and has developed healing modalities of his own.

Dr. Benson moved to Poulsbo in 1986 with his wife and their two children, first practicing in a small office next to Fishline on 3rd Ave.  before moving to his current Liberty Bay Marina location in 1991.  During those years he served Poulsbo as president of Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce in 1987 and as treasurer of the Rotary Club for five years before becoming president in 1996.

For 30 years now Dr. Craig Benson has been providing big-city, advanced chiropractic care right here in Poulsbo.

On a more personal note, my wife Rose is my best business consultant, best friend, and love of my life. She sees and knows me better than I do myself- she wrote most of this introduction and has been involved in just about every word you read on this site.

For those of you who know my kids, K’la is now a dentist practicing in Enumclaw. Travis is a Commander in the Navy, a test pilot. His wife Beth is a BSN Nurse. Their daughter Lindsay is our beloved grandchild.

On any day when weather and opportunity coincide, year-round, you may find Dr. Benson stand-up paddling on the bay.


Curriculum Vitae (Chiropractic Credentials)

Doctor of Chiropractic, Life Chiropractic College West, San Lorenzo, CA, Cum Laude 1983.

Board eligible for Diplomate status in Applied Chiropractic Sciences. 360 hour postgraduate course completed, testing to be scheduled.

Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics, Stuart School of Management, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1972.


Chiropractor, Dr. Craig A. Benson Chiropractic Clinic Inc, Poulsbo, WA, 4/86 to present

Chiropractor, Private Practice, Moraga, CA, 9/85-3/86.

Chiropractor, Crossroads Chiropractic, Orinda, CA, 6/83-8/85.

Supervising Intern, Life Chiropractic College-West Clinic, 12/82-6/83.

Examinations and x-ray technician, Olff Chiropractic Clinic, 3/82-11/82.

Intern, Life Chiropractic College West Clinic, 4/82-6/83.

Instructor in Anatomy and Physiology, John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, CA, 9/81 to 3/86.

Kinesiologist, Crossroads Chiropractic, 4/80-6/83.

Instructor in Anatomy, Life Chiropractic College West, 1983.

Instructor in Acupressure and Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health Foundation, Pasadena, CA 1979-80. Training in Applied Kinesiology under John Thie, DC, Founding President of the International College of Applied Kinesiology

Kinesiologist, James Keppler DC Chiropractic Corp., 1979-80

Applied Kinesiology, John Thie, DC, and Leroy Perry, DC

Zhou’s Hypoxicology Technique (ZHT) Levels I-III

CranioSacral Therapy I & II, Somato-Emotional Release, Upledger Institute

Cranial Motion Seminar, Mark Pick, DC

Sacro-Occipital Technique, M.B. DeJarnette, DC

Whiplash and Spinal Trauma, Dan Murphy, DC, DACBO

Headache and Autonomic Disorders

Cox Technique, J. Cox, DC

Biomechanics Seminar, D. Harrison, DC

Activator Technique, L. Fuhr, DC

Roentgenology Seminar, R. Ehrhardt, DC

Exercise Prescription, Ed Price, MA, and D. Iaroli, DC

Documentation of Cervical Spine Injury, J. Vlasuk, DC

Low Back Pain symposium, R. Calliet, MD and J. Cox, DC

CMC / SAP II Self-Assessment Clinical Protocol

Contemporary Management of Spinal Biomechanics

Washington State Chiropractic Association

International Chiropractic Association

American Academy of Spine Physicians

Edited and rewrote second edition of Touch for Health by John Thie, DC. The book presents muscle testing and balancing techniques including the use of acupressure and reflex points.
Board member and 1988 President, Greater Poulsbo Chamber of Commerce

1996-7 President, Poulsbo/North Kitsap Rotary Club

Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary International Foundation; Sapphire recognition

Downtown Poulsbo Business Improvement Area Association board member

Marine Science Center committee member

Member, National Eagle Scout Association

Life Member, The Nature Conservancy