Massage is a terrific adjunct to chiropractic care, not a substitute for it.

Though I do a number of techniques to relieve the cause of stubborn, long-lasting spasm, I don’t have the time in my practice to work over the muscles in the way a massage therapist can. I love to combine massage with an adjustment so the muscles are out of spasm and don’t pull the spine back into trouble.

I don’t find that it’s critical whether your massage comes before or after your adjustment in most cases. I’m able to get the adjusting done either way. It’s a matter of personal preference whether you like to have the muscles relaxed before your adjustment or have the massage relax you and settle things in after your adjustment.

I practiced massage therapy myself before I went to chiropractic college.

What you are looking for in a massage therapist is not a specific technique, but rather someone with the talent to see into the body with their hands. A skilled therapist will be able to feel where the body needs help and go to work without your having to point out every tight spot. He or she will be able to feel just how to work with the muscles so the work is effective, without eliciting a defensive reaction from your body. You shouldn’t feel ‘beat up’ after a massage, but it shouldn’t be so light that nothing really gets done about your tight spots.

Find a massage therapist who can see into your body with their hands.