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Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
by Barbara Kaytor on Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor

I have been to many doctors and tried many things over the last 8 years and have been in a lot of discomfort and pain I have never had much belief in chiropractors but a friend recommended Dr Benson and said he helped her and others and had great faith he could help me at this point I had tried everything available I figured what did I have to lose my sciatic nerve had gotten so bad I was very limited on what I could do from a degenerating disc to boot.
When I went he was checking me and did very little as far as I was concerned but surprisingly I felt much better so I continued He is amazing he can tell what needs addressed by just checking different areas my left foot was pretty much numb for over 3 years and he has even gotten back most of my feeling and I have only been going to him for a short time he said these problems didn't start overnight and they won't go away overnight. I highly recommend him and say the only thing you have to lose is the Pain!!!

by Karen Hauser on Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor
Forever Grateful

I have suffered with plantar fasciitis over a year. In addition to the heel pain my ankles ached after only a few minutes of walking. On my first visit, Dr. Benson examined my feet and used kinesiology to assess the problems. He applied pressure after this analysis to one area of my ankle and no joke, my ankles are pain free! I was able to walk over 40 minutes without pain and the pan is still gone 5 days later. What s healer! Thank you Dr. Benson.

by Rachael on Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor
Multiple Nerological Issues

I started seeing Dr Benson in October of 2015. I could not swallow solid food and had not been able to do so for almost 3 years. I also had a Dowengers hump. By Dec of 2016 my swallowing was back to normal and the Dowenger hump is nearly gone. Dr Benson works intuitively with his hands in very nuanced areas that neurological diagnostic tools are not able to access. My issue with swallowing was neurological. His work helped the overall health of my nervous system as well as general wellbeing. I have had a lot of healing in this short amount of time with Dr. Benson. Now I come in to see him when I need a tune up and I always feel better.
He also helped my husband overcome cronically painful back oroblems. I enjoy Dr Benson and his work and look forward to my office visits.

by Veronica on Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor
Dr Benson works

Dr Benson knows how to pinpoint the issue of whatever problem area I describe to him.
His consistantly calm, quiet demeanor helps me relax as he works on the problem area.
I have seen him for years for the relief of many aches & pains such as neck, upper & lower
back, shoulders, hips and sciatica at various times throughout those years---and I always get
instant improvement. Following his after-treatment advice is key to my healing the area, and is
surprisingly do-able. Dr Benson works for me!

by Lisa Nelson on Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor
Awesome - That's what comes to mind!

I was totally closed to seeing a Chiropractor from past bad experiences. However, when I wrenched something bending and twisting to throw something in the garbage, the night before starting a new job. Oh, yes, and the new job required lifting 50# and they meant it!
Well, I started that new job, pretending nothing was wrong, but often leaving barely able to walk out the door.
I tried all my old standbys, and while getting a treatment from an incredible massage therapist, she said "I think you need more than massage". "I've heard really good things about Dr. Benson, he's a Chiropractor in Poulsbo."
Immediately I became defensive because of those past experiences, but she prompted me to consider him after hearing all the positives she'd heard from her clients.
All I can say, is Dr. Benson is a professional healer, his focus is on you and the process of relieving your pain. And, a bonus for me is that no matter what we're working on, I leave his office and my head feels clearer. You just leave going "Ahhh" for the pain relief and just general well being.
I will continue to see Dr. Benson regularly, even though he's totally taken care of my original issue. Hey, lifting 25-50# regularly, on your feet all day, bending, climbing, pushing and turning 67 in April- I want to re-adjust regularly!
And, keep in mind that Dr. Benson's treatments are a process to healing. Be patient and diligent, those parts of our bodies that have been injured or misused for years (at least for me), probably won't be repaired overnight!
I recommend that if you have pain, you consider visiting with Dr. Benson. Pain makes you tired, makes your brain fuzzy and changes your life while you compensate for it. Dr. Benson gives you a new lease on life.

by Rosemary Crow on Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor
He keeps me walking!

Dr Benson has been treating me since 2001. I visited him on the advice of a friend and haven't looked back. He has treated and/or advised me through numerous complaints. I'm now 83 years old and together we are working to counteract the effects of severe arthritis in both hips. I highly recommend his expertise.

by Claire Favro on Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor
A master chiropractor

I have seen probably 10 chiropractors in various cities in my life and none have delivered the level of calm and consistent expertise that characterizes Dr. Benson's work. I've had particular trouble, due to a accident years ago, finding a chiropractor who can adjust my neck. Dr. Benson knew exactly how to work with it and that's made a huge difference in my flexibility. Visits are once a month for preventive care and more often if I've thrown something out of whack. I'm extremely grateful for this man's dedication to his profession!

by Cindy Saunders on Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor
My lifesaver!

Dr. Benson has made a major difference in my life. I have had episodic back spasm attacks for the last 20 years, when we came to Silverdale 11 years ago & I was directed to him due to his kinesiology background it was & is amazing. No more major back spasms, I come in once a month for a "tune-up" & am good to go for another month. I also have "Bilateral Thoracic Outlet Syndrome", which makes both arms go numb & is very uncomfortable. He takes care of it in our monthly session, never any numbness & tingling now!!

I think he is pretty amazing as well as very professional.

by Patricia Williams on Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor

Over the years, I have been treated by 4-5 other chiropractors, and am pleased to recommend Dr. Benson as an exceptional practitioner. When I began treatment in January 2015, I was miserable, with headaches as well as with left-sided neck, upper back, and shoulder pain and numbness. As my symptoms were chronic, my progress has been in "baby steps". However, I am now grateful to share that my headaches are resolved, and my other complaints are easily managed with adjustments every 1-2 weeks. I am truly grateful to Dr. Benson for his expertise and support of my wellness.

by Wendy Grant on Poulsbo Kinesiology Chiropractor

I suffered from tennis elbow for 3 years. I had tried everything...massage therapy, sports medicine, occupational therapy, cortisone shots. After I visited Dr. Benson my elbow healed soon after. Also he seemed to be the only one who recognized that the neck pain I also had was connected to my elbow pain. I appreciate what he did for me and recommend him highly!

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