Diversified Adjusting


Clinical ‘pearls’ to correct more problems

Diversified technique is a combination of a number of individual approaches to problem areas. It covers the basics of adjusting throughout the spine, and forms the basis of the adjusting every chiropractor is taught in school. Rather than stick with those basics, I have attended years of postgraduate seminars, including a three-year Diplomate program in Applied Chiropractic Sciences.

Each technique has a ‘pearl’ which represents the best current approach to a particular situation. The developers of these pearls often feel obligated to construct a broader technique, which may or may not come up to the standard of the original insight. From each, I have incorporated the best for a particular situation and a particular body. Why not work with the best approach for each problem?

I’ve also developed new techniques, as the need has arisen. With this large set of adjusting “tools”, I can make sure you get exactly what you need, rather than some standardized, one size fits all program. I do chiropractic adjusting by hand, not with an instrument.

The right adjustment for you

There’s an old joke that says, “To the man with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”. If a doc is trained in only one technique or package, you’ll be fit into it. Since Dr. Benson has a large tool kit, he can select the tools that are right for your body and your condition.

The heart of chiropractic

Correcting the subluxation is what chiropractors do. Restoring proper function of the spine is still best done by adjusting the spine by hand.

Why not use the best parts of the best techniques in the chiropractic field?