What’s up with that bendy table?


Flexion Distraction Table

Flexion Distraction Table

Flexion distraction or Cox technique uses a specially designed table which allows me to produce a decompression of the disks and joints of the lower back. The technique was developed to correct acute ruptured disks, where the ‘jelly’ in the middle of the disk protrudes to the side and presses on a spinal nerve. Its usefulness is not limited to these severe conditions.

Most lower back conditions involve excessive pressure on the disks and joints of the lower back, and this table allows me to evaluate and correct each joint and disk in the back. You don’t want a huge shove when your lower back is sore, especially since I can do the work more effectively with gentle stretching and small adjustments, assisted by the table.

You may have seen advertisements for spinal decompression- huge machines, expensive courses of treatment. I’m doing the same thing, but in a more controlled, precise manner. It matters who is doing the decompression, why, and how.

For many patients, especially those with acute low back pain, this is their favorite part of the treatment- the ‘aaaahhh’ of relief without jarring or forcing the lower back joints.