Chiropractic Forever?


You don’t have to continue chiropractic care forever- but you may want to!

There seems to be a myth out there that once you start seeing a chiropractor you have to go forever- as if somehow having that first adjustment creates a need for further chiropractic care. What a screwy idea! What we’re doing in chiropractic is restoring the normal joint motion and alignment your body was born to have. We don’t make joints ‘too loose’, we don’t overstretch and damage ligaments, and we don’t make the biomechanics of the body in any way worse. Just the opposite. Besides, you’re always in charge- you can stop your care at any time.

Once you begin chiropractic care, you will experience within the first few weeks how good it is possible for you to feel. Your body will like it, and so will you. If you want just enough care to get you out of pain, there’s no requirement that you continue. But you should be aware that you’re setting yourself up to have the problem recur, since healing and full correction of the condition that caused your pain will not yet be complete. You’ll still be fragile, and prone to easy reinjury. You will probably want to continue with care long enough to fully correct the problem that caused your pain in the first place, so it doesn’t come right back and bite you again.

Taking a longer view, we all have a history written in our bodies of past injuries and insults that have left a mark, especially on ligaments and joints. This results in ‘weak links’ in our biomechanical chain where the stresses of life, bad posture, bad ergonomics, overwork, awkward lifting and computer work can cause failures that take you back into pain and disability. Every time around that cycle leaves a further mark. Many of my patients choose to work with me to find the proper interval to recheck them, whether it be monthly or a time or two a year, even if they’re feeling good to prevent problems and maintain the optimal health they’ve attained.

With the testing I do, I can find and correct problems which are building up before you’re even aware there’s a problem.

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