We are taking a pause from offering Laser Therapy

Dr. Benson’s schedule is too busy to devote time to this treatment. We are discussing the possibility of having a therapist come in on alternate days. 


Laser therapyHow can Class IV Laser Therapy help you?

I have been evaluating laser therapy for many years now. It’s well known that certain frequencies of light can penetrate into tissues and cause beneficial changes in the cells, increase blood flow, increase lymph drainage and promote tissue healing. The process is called photobiomodulation. Lasers available before quite recently could only do one thing at a time- relieve pain OR decrease inflammation. If they tried to do both, the frequencies used would interfere with one another. Many of the available lasers are not powerful enough to penetrate much beyond the skin, and require very long treatment times.

The MLS Cutting Edge laser I am now using in my practice solves these problems. The product of European research, this laser uses two near-infrared frequencies of light which are synchronized to reinforce one another, rather than interfere. Research on the proper dose of light and proper pulse frequencies for each condition is built right into the machine, with the ability to select the best treatment protocol from a touchscreen. This is a Class IV medical laser, very powerful, which penetrates 2-3 inches into the body to deliver light energy where it is needed.

With all that power, you might be concerned about whether the treatment is painful- it is absolutely not. The laser is pulsed so that no heating takes place. Most people feel nothing at all during the treatment, others a slight buzzing sensation.

Relief from acute pain, however, can be felt immediately. The effects of the laser treatment build over the 5-6 hours after treatment, so you feel even better throughout the day.

Acute conditions may resolve in as few as 5-8 treatments. Chronic conditions usually require an initial protocol of ten treatments. Laser therapy treatments are generally NOT covered by insurance, but you may be able to use your HSA to pay for the treatments. I offer a discount for purchasing a package of treatments at one time.

For more information about the Cutting Edge Laser, click here

I have known Dr. Benson for approximately 10 years. He has been my chriopractor for all those years and I wouldn’t dream of seeing anyone else. Last year was a very difficult year for me, as I had many major health issues and ultimately lost my job. I began the year with having a biopsy on my leg done. This biopsy showed where I had skin cancer and in the process of the area healing, I got a staph infection that would not go away and it turned ugly. I was referred to a surgeon who immediately did surgery to remove the edges where cancer was still showing. It took some time for the wound area to close up, but in the process I had extreme pain, difficulty walking and it just never looked like it was healing right. Where I worked I had to travel up stairs to my office, which seemed to make it worse. Later in the year (August) I experienced severe low back pain and went to see Dr. Benson. In his treating my low back, he would take my ankle to test mobility of my leg, and always I would scream out in pain. I finally showed him my leg and why it was hurting so much. I explained what I had been through and how I didn’t feel it was healing properly and yet both my general practioner doctor and my surgeon doctor said it was looking fine and it would take time to heal. I had a difficult time understanding how it was taking since March (my second and final surgery) for this to heal. Or why I was still having problems walking and in constant pain.

At this point, Dr. Benson did not like what he was seeing. He explained to me that he was testing a new machine he was thinking of adding to his practice, the MLS Laser Therapy and would I mind coming in as a test subject, as he felt I could benefit from this treatment. At this point, I was willing to do anything to feel better! I showed up, filled out their form of where my pain was and rating it. I then had the MLS Laser treatment done, and I was completely astounded! My pain had diminished so much on this first treatment. They touched the area and I did not scream out in pain. They told me that over the next few hours I would see more changes in how it looked (it was already looking pinkish and not this gray, death looking color) and how it was feeling. I started tearing up because it had been so long since I had been pain free. It was such a nice feeling knowing someone cared about me and what I was going through. Later that evening I was noticing that it wasn’t looking so gray. It looked like there was blood circulation. Swelling in the area seemed to be going down and over the course of days, I noticed this to be more the case.

Dr. Benson has added the MLS Laser Therapy to his practice and for this I am extremely thankful. I saw him initially on a weekly basis for 3 months and each treatment I have been getting better. We are now on a schedule of every 3 weeks. The wound area is no longer this death/gray looking color, and is pinkish and you can see where there is better blood circulation. When he takes my ankle to test mobility of my leg, I don’t scream out in pain. I can walk without being in severe pain and without limping. Yes, you can still see where I had the surgery, but compared to how it did look and now is totally amazing.

There are times I still have pain, but this seems to be more associated with weather changes. When I have the treatment, I feel much better and as we spread out the length of time between treatments, I am feeling more confident that my leg will heal completely. Right now, I am extremely thankful to Dr. Benson and for him having the foresight in adding another dimension to his practice. This is truly a remarkable procedure and I highly recommend the MLS Laser Therapy to anyone that has been in pain for long periods of time. Dr. Benson has a brochure in his office explaining all about the MLS Laser Therapy and I highly recommend that everyone pick up this brochure to see all the benefits. If you are in pain (it doesn’t matter how much or little), you will benefit from having the MLS Laser Therapy. On a final note, thank you Dr. Benson for being proactive in your practice for the benefit of your patients!

Kingston, WA

Michele P.